Welcome to the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts (MACD)!

The Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts represents the thirteen conservation districts of the Commonwealth, stretching from the tip of Cape Cod in the east to the purple mountains of the Berkshires in the west.  Districts are led by dedicated local citizens charged with protecting our most precious natural resources.  For more than half a century, districts have saved wildlife, stopped soil erosion, restored habitats, improved water quality, reversed pollution, enriched the environment, all the while increasing productivity and ensuring sustainable viability of our lands, forests, waters and coastal ecosystems.

Conservation Districts build on partnerships with state and federal government to protect and conserve the Commonwealth’s natural resources.

This simple web site offers information about the activities of conservation districts within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and provides a home for the MACD Training Program for supervisors, officials and staff of the state’s 13 conservation districts and members of the State Commission for Conservation of Soil, Water and Related Resources.  We welcome suggestions for improvements and submissions for postings.

MACD Supports Healthy Soil Initiatives in Massachusetts

Click on the link: State Healthy Soil Policy Map – Nerds for Earth

MACD Contributes to Nonpoint Source Management Plan

MA Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan 2020-2024