Welcome to the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts (MACD)!

The Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts represents the thirteen conservation districts of the Commonwealth, stretching from the tip of Cape Cod in the east to the purple mountains of the Berkshires in the west.  Districts are led by dedicated local citizens charged with protecting our most precious natural resources.  For more than half a century, districts have saved wildlife, stopped soil erosion, restored habitats, improved water quality, reversed pollution, enriched the environment, all the while increasing productivity and ensuring sustainable viability of our lands, forests, waters and coastal ecosystems.

Conservation Districts build on partnerships with state and federal government to protect and conserve the Commonwealth’s natural resources.

This simple web site offers information about the activities of conservation districts within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and provides a home for the MACD Training Program for supervisors, officials and staff of the state’s 13 conservation districts and members of the State Commission for Conservation of Soil, Water and Related Resources.  We welcome suggestions for improvements and submissions for postings.

MACD Supports Healthy Soil Initiatives in Massachusetts

Click on the link: State Healthy Soil Policy Map – Nerds for Earth

MACD Contributes Nonpoint Source Management Plan

MA Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan 2020-2024




MACD seeking applicants for NRCS Program and Technical Service Provider position

The Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts is seeking qualified candidates for a combined Program and Technical Assistance full-time position, to be based out of the Southeast Massachusetts NRCS Field Office in West Yarmouth. The selected applicant will work closely with the S.E. Mass USDA/NRCS District Conservationist in delivering both Program Assistance and Technical Assistance to Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket Counties. (Background investigation and USDA identification card will be required.)

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Customer Service
    • Deliver professional customer service representing the USDA / NRCS / MACD
    • Work well with Conservation Partners in all aspects of conservation delivery
    • Facilitate scheduling, deliver messages, coordinate travel
  2. Conservation Planning
    • Inventory and Evaluation reports
    • Create conservation case folders/files
    • Identify and document resource concerns
    • Develop USDA Certified Conservation Plans
  3. Program Eligibility
    • Accept / Enter / Maintain Farm Bill program applications for financial assistance
    • Coordinate delivery and assistance to ensure customers successfully navigate FSA Farm Bill and NRCS eligibility documentation
    • Track accurately and consistently customer application/eligibility documentation
  4. Contract Administration
    • Load Obligating documentation into USDA data systems
    • Keep Obligating tracking sheets up to date
    • Ensure Contract documents requiring customer signature are carefully delivered to and received from customer in expected timelines
    • Verify Payment Instructions for certified practices and create payment application
    • Keep Case Files up to date with all required documentation
  5. Certified Conservation Planner Training
    • Complete agency training courses to become a USDA Certified Conservation Planner
    • On-the-job training with experienced Certified Conservation Planners
  6. Conservation Practices
    • Design Pre-Calcs
    • Design Construction materials (type/use applicability) and description for Contractors/Customers
    • Construction Layout
    • Construction Check including As-Builts
    • Practice Certification Documentation
  7. Farm Bill Program Outreach
    • Work with District Conservationist to deliver targeted outreach to agriculture communities
    • Work with PR staff in development of regional publication materials; arrange for photo/interview or drone events with customers and agency staff

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Relevant background education in Agriculture, Ecology, Biology, Soils, Wetlands, and/or Environmental Science
  • Computer competency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams
  • GIS experience with layered reference material
  • Any GPS, surveying, or construction measurement experience
  • Good communicator, strong interpersonal skills
  • Technical writing skills, outreach experience
  • Organized, detail-oriented, filing experience
  • Experience with tracking equipment, ordering office supplies, operating digital postage systems
  • Digital photography capabilities

Interested parties should send a Letter of Interest and resume by email to Michael Leff, MACD Executive Director (MLeffMACD@gmail.com) by 5:00pm, Friday, December 4, 2020.